Hi all--

I don't know how many of you are still paying attention to this account, but for those of you who still include me on your friends list, I wanted to mention that my blog, after nearly a year of post-hack downtime, is up and running again. Not a ton there just yet (two reviews and one personal entry) but I hope to update regularly now that I'm up and running again.


iPhone or Blackberry Bold (or)

Poll #1239949 iPhone or Blackberry Bold (or)

My AT&T account is now eligible for an upgrade. What new phone should I get?

iPhone 3G. Has the best web broswer; you wouldn't need to get a new media player (remember you broke your Zen a while back and that long commute is going to start again soon); the app store more than compensates for your qualms about iTunes.
BlackBerry Bold. Should be released very soon. Looks super-cool. Calling plan will still qualify for your corporate discount. The iPhone is too hip for its own good.
Other. LG Vu, Blackberry Curve, Palm Centro, etc. See comments.